Release Notes

Released: 6/4/2020

  • EASYLABEL 6.4 runs on all Windows operating systems released after and including Windows 7. All 64 bit systems are supported where applicable.


This version includes the following new printers:

  • Tharo H-627+
  • Tharo H-635+
  • cab HERMES Q2/300
  • cab HERMES Q2/600
  • cab HERMES Q4/300
  • cab HERMES Q4/600
  • cab HERMES Q4.3/200
  • cab HERMES Q4.3/300
  • cab HERMES Q6.3/200
  • cab HERMES Q6.3/300
  • cab EOS2/200
  • cab EOS2/300
  • cab EOS5/200
  • cab EOS5/300
  • Godex EZ-6250i
  • Godex EZ-6350i

Important Note:

  • As of version 6.4, EASYLABEL will only install on Windows 7 or higher.
  • EASYLABEL uses the Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5. If you use the EASYLABEL ActiveX objects, you may have to recompile your projects to target the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. VoiceCode is a trademark of YottaMark, Inc.


The following changes/additions have been made:

  1. Add Sign-In Screen to LabelCom If "User Signon Required" in the EASYLABEL configuration, then the LabelCom utility will require the user to enter a user name and password. The user needs "Print Format" rights to be able to use LabelCom.

  2. Arithmetic Calculation Decimal Places Fixed a bug where intermediate values did not have enough decimal places during evaluation, resulting in incorrect final values. Intermediate values now use an extra 5 decimal places of precision.

  3. Bottom of Character Cut Off in Stacked Text In some cases of using stacked text, the bottom of the last character may have been cut off when printed. This has been fixed.

  4. More Than 255 Windows Printers Causes Lockup If there were more than 255 printers installed in Windows, EASYLABEL locked up when trying to start. This has been corrected, but printers after the 255th are ignored and not added to the configuration.

  5. Menu and Toolbar Mismatch In the EASYLABEL DBF database editor, some of the menu items and the corresponding toolbar icon had different enabled or disabled states. This has been fixed.

  6. EASYLABEL DBF Database Editor The database editor was missing some menu items. There was no way to get to "Databse Structure Management" except by clicking the toolbar icon. Once in structure management, there was no menu item to get back to "Database Records Management". This has been corrected.

  7. Floating Toolbars Become Corrupted Detaching one of the toolbars from the main screen and making it a "floating" toolbar will sometimes cause the floating toolbar to become corrupted, and the icons are no longer fully visible. This has been corrected.

  8. Text Fields and Allergen Highlighting Sometimes when editing a text field and using the allergen highlighting feature, keyboard navigation of the text field properties resulted in weird behavior. The "Allergen Examples" message would appear multiple times and the window focus would get lost. This has been corrected.

  9. Allergen Lists Folder Added the ability to define alternate location of the allergen list files.

  10. Send File to Printer In the printer status screen of the EASYLABEL print queue, there is a new button "Send File". Clicking the send file button allows the user to choose a file which is then sent to the selected printer.

  11. Toolbar Display Problems In very rare cases, the toolbars would not be drawn correctly and would appear as all white. This has been fixed.

  12. Format Changed and Quit From Print Menu When printing a label format thas has been changed but not saved, if "File->Quit" is chosen then you are given the option of saving the format, or quitting without saving, there is no option to go back and do a "Save As". This has been corrected.

  13. Create WibuKey Remote Context File In the EASYLABEL "Help" menu it was possible to go though the "Software Key Settings" to "Create Remote Context File" which loaded the WibuKey control panel app. From there it was not easy to create the context file. Now the "Create Remote context File" will automatically create the file on the users desktop.

  14. Tharo MicroPDF Optimized The Tharo printers H-427+, H-435+, H-627+, H-635+, T-4210, T-4307, and T-4604 all support MicroPDF as an optimized printer command. The option exists to send this symbol as a printer command or as a graphic image.

  15. Default QR Code to Model 2 Creating a QR Code symbol defaulted the model code to 1, which is old and not widely used. Changed the default to 2 which is more recognized by modern scanners.

  16. Multi-Source Warning When creating a multi-source text or barcode field, a message was displayed that suggested the use of linked data instead. This message is no longer displayed.

  17. Japan New Imperial Era Implement proper date formatting for the New Imperial Era which began on May 1st of 2019.

  18. System Wave KSW-BPH830i Missing Kanji Fonts The font list for the System Wave KSW-BPH830i printer was missing the built in Kanjo fonts. This has been corrected.

  19. Zebra Printer Pre-Scaled Fonts For any Zebra printer that supported pre-scaled built in fonts, the "Font" tab in the field properties was not correct and showed options not allowed for those fonts. This has been corrected.

  20. Excel Spreadsheets as Databases Add direct support for using an Excel spreadsheet file as a database. It is no longer necessary to go through the data connection dialog to use this type of database. Simply select the file and choose what data to be used for the field.

  21. Sato S84ex and S86ex The Sato S84ex and S86ex had a problem where fields might not print in the correct position. This has been fixed. The S84ex now supports RFID. Both printers now support the PDF417 truncate option.

  22. Sato CL4NX and CL6NX Added ability to use the enhanced real time clock commands on both the Sato CL4NX and CL6NX series printers.